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Home to only Tanzania, the jewelry mogul Tiffany's & Co. turned this precious purple-blue colored stone into a hot commodity to own.


Due to how it forms, tanzanite is usually mined in small portions in Africa, not because there is no need or desire for the precious stone, but rather because it is extremely difficult to find a crystal vein that produces a large enough size crystal. Hence, its rarity, popularity, and, of course, high cost.


Originally, tanzanite was named blue zoisite, but when it was initially marketed, Tiffany & Co. decided to rename it, fearing the original name sounded too similar to the word "suicide."


Because of its brilliant blue and purple hues, the wearer of this stone omits an air of confidence, beauty and individuality. Tanzanite is an ideal gift for someone whom you think is special and truly one in a million.


Tanzanite can easily be scratched or chipped. Clean your Tanzanite with warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaning.