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There are two types of Jade: Jadeite and Nephrite.


Jadeite is rarer and its highest quality form is known as imperial Jade. It comes in many colors: red, yellow, green, lilac, black, orange, white, pink, blue and brown, and has a hardness of 7. Jadeite is found in Myanmar, Japan, and the United States (Alaska and California). Nephrite Jade is from Myanmar, Russia, China and the US (Wyoming).


Nephrite jade is more common and often used in Chinese carvings. This type of jade comes in various tones of green -- mostly with an olive green tone.


Jade is considered a very balanced stone. It both aides in relaxation and envisioning tasks through to satisfactory completion. Some say that jade is the concentrated essence of love. In China, jade is regarded as a special stone. When handled, some of the secret virtue of jade is said to be absorbed into the body. Legends have it that the Spanish conquerors of Central America wore amulets of jadeite to prevent/cure hip and kidney complaints.